Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What's for Lunch?

Is this how far we have come in the US?  Where you need a recipe to make a turkey sandwich??

On the back of the lid of a container of turkey lunch meat, there was a recipe for how to make a “Turkey Sandwich with Swiss”.  

Wow – thanks!

But if I am buying lunch meat in a container, chances are I already know how to make a sandwich, because isn’t that usually what you use lunch meat for?  I’m just saying….
Maybe you should know your customer base a bit better?  Tell us how to make something other than a sandwich or a roll-up.  

Perhaps tell us how to make something out of the lunch meat in the shape of a star filled with cornbread stuffing – not something you do every day or ever , for that matter, but I’m pretty sure people would like it.

Now that we no longer teach Home-Economics in schools, kids don’t know how to cook anything in a stove (cooker) or fix a hole in their sock.    

But I’m pretty sure most people know how to make a sandwich – a couple slices of bread, lunch meat and then whatever you like to accompany it (if anything) – lettuce, mayo, mustard, avocado, cheese – cut it in half and you’re good to go.  

Not sure who exactly doesn’t get this – even a five year old knows what’s in his sandwich.  Or am I wrong?  Did you read this and say –oh thank goodness, finally I have the recipe.   NOW I know how to make a Turkey Sandwich with Swiss – that was the one thing on my repertoire I was missing!!

In that case – here you go, life is now complete.  Enjoy your new skill!  Oh and you should fire your mother – honestly…