Friday, April 4, 2014

Outta the Park!


Wait!  I got it, I got it…. Oh, it seems a bit high for my short legs, maybe the tall hubby can catch it?  Hubby – you got it??

What?  It’s not a baseball?  Can’t be – look at it.  It’s white and round and has red stitching - of course it’s a baseball – now get your hand up there and get ready to catch it.  

Oh, it has ears?  I guess you’re right, baseballs don’t have ears – but what if it’s some sort of newfangled ball – OR – it got hit so hard the wrapping is coming off.  That has to be it – it is coming unraveled – get your hand up there and catch it.  

Just look how close it is!  It's coming right at us...woohoo!

Ahhhhkkkk!  It has a mouth and some eyes.  

Wait stop – stop, don’t catch it – don’t touch it.  Whew – that was a close one.  THAT would have been AWKWARD!

It’s a man, with a shaved head – who has painted himself white and drawn stitching on his noggin.  Yeah – go Tiger fan, you rock that Rowling fashion – do you do basket ball and soccer games too??

Who needs Prince Fielder to hit them out of the park anyway, we've got a home run right here!

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