Monday, April 7, 2014

Stomach Churning Stuff No Plate Can Cure

Duped, I was duped….

When we buy bacon at our house, we cut it in half and then separate it into zip lock baggies, six half pieces each – then we freeze it for easy use at a later date.

At the store I saw this package of “bacon” was marked down and was a great price, so I snagged it and felt good about the whole thing….until I got home….

When I took it out of the bag and set it on the counter, I noticed it was “beef bacon” – what?  What the hell is beef bacon??  People, people, people – bacon is from a little piggy, not a big brown eyed cow.

Still I cut the package in half, sorted it out and put it in zip lock baggies.  Then I took them down to the basement freezer.

And that night I couldn’t sleep.

Honestly, the “beef bacon” kept me up all night.  Just thinking about “beef bacon” makes my stomach churn – thinking about the thick white beef fat and stuff, sounds simply sickening.  

So the next day, when I got up – I went downstairs, pulled the baggies out of the freezer and promptly took them outside and tossed them in the trash bin.  Couldn’t have the fake bacon in the house anymore – there is something horribly wrong with the creation and subsequent sale of “beef bacon” to unsuspecting customers (some of which might not even know what animal bacon actually comes from).

What exactly is a cured beef plate?  Is it something I can serve my real bacon and eggs on?
Just writing this is making me queasy all over again.  Gross, gross, gross!

So this is a public service announcement:  Beware, there is imposter bacon out there – if you are going to ruin your healthful diet with tasty bacon, it should be the real thing.   

And if you don’t know where your food comes from – by all means, please learn.  Bacon comes from pigs – period, end of story.

Oh and yeah - read the label while you are in the store, not after the fact (that ones for me...)

Note: What we Americans call bacon is what Europeans and Canadians call “Streaky bacon”, just to help your visuals out - since your bacon is actually a tasty little ham slice to us Americans.