Monday, April 21, 2014

My computer died

Sorry guys no post today, my computer shut down on its own Saturday and that seems to be that. Hopefully I'll have things in order by weds- that or I'll be hand typing in a post through my iPhone. Boo...
Update- I took my computer to the "Geek Squad" for resuscitation and true to their field, she has come back to life.

And might I give kudos to the guy who waited on me, we talked band stuff while he was working the girl over and he repeatedly thanked me for being nice (apparently and as expected, working in a Customer Service position, solely there to fix things that are broken, doesn't find you dealing with happy people) and when all was said and done - he charged me nothing.  Husband thinks it was because I wore a low cut t-shirt.

Whatever -thanks Geek Squad Guy - you rule!!