Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Calling All Carts!

Calling all carts, calling all carts – shoppers in need of means to carry their goods, all carts immediately respond….

Did you hear me?  This is no time to lie around; carts are immediately needed at their respective locations….

Stop shooting down the slopes, I know the sun is out and you want to break away, but this is precisely why you are needed at your post, sun= shoppers escaping the Winter (ahem Spring) blues….
I told you, get down from there immediately, this is not Mt. Everest – this is the local shopping mall and you are needed – stat!

Now look what you’ve done.  If you’d have just listened with the first request you wouldn’t have cracked up and gotten buried in the heap.  No, I am not coming in there after you – this is your own fault – now stop screwing around and get to work.  You’re a few months late as it is….

#ShoppingCart   #Snowbank   #Eastland