Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How's About A Little Snow on the Barbie?

I know shrimp might be a little more appetizing, or a steak even – which is what I grilled up just this weekend.  We had beautiful weather Sunday, it was 77 degrees (25 Celsius) and yes, the steak was fabulous.

But Mother Nature has a different plan and well, we have done it – we have beaten the record snowfall, set in the winter of 1880, yes 1880!

Not that Easter is just a few short days away, or that we are in April or anything – that means nothing to us Michiganders.  Snow in April is an unfortunate norm. 

Now the record snowfall might not be that much in other areas, I am quite sure that 100 inches is nothing just a hundred miles north of Detroit – but for us, it’s a 130 year old record.  

And by now, we’ve had it.  Done, we are done with this fluffy, pretty white stuff – enough already!

So, since I have a few extra inches of snow on the BBQ, I’d be happy to fire it up and offer you a nice cool drink of water.  Anything I can do to get rid of the stuff AND have a get together sounds like a great plan to me!

So if you would like to join me in the snow elimination, snow boil – fire up your BBQ and let’s get a melting.  ASAP!!   

We can make it a community event – let’s just not make it an annual ok?  I’d hate to wish for a do over of this past season – I just wish it over….