Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What Kind of Garage Sale Is This? (Re-post)

Happy Summer Re-post Wednesday!!  What a great day - it's just beautiful outside, therefore - what am I doing inside?? Well, picking out a previous popular post for your enjoyment, that's what!  Here's my choice - originally posted 9/10/12 - enjoy. And see you Friday with a new one.
This required a second drive by, a pull over and a walk back across the street to take a picture.

I'm baffled at where to start first - so many things are going through my mind I can't type fast enough - your mind racing too?

I have a garage sale every year, I never offer beer and popcorn - are you supposed too?  Isn't it illegal - I mean the beer thing - not the popcorn - other than unpleasant tooth kernels - you'd probably be ok there...

But why would you want to?  Unless you  have one of those fancy machines - you'd be running in and out of the house all day popping bags in your microwave and really, people are only giving you a quarter for your junk (I mean valuable goods), so technically it would totally be a bad business proposition all around.  The idea of the garage sale it to make a couple bucks in return for the removal of your formerly beloved items, not negative cash flow.

Another thing I do when I have a garage sale is tell them where it is.  You know, provide an address.  So what this actually may mean is the name of the bar is "Garage Sale" and they have free beer and popcorn?  Now that's a bit confusing isn't it, wouldn't you want to name your bar something cool like The Flying Whiskey Bottle or something similar? And not to belabor a point, but an address really would be good.  And again, the negative cash flow thing, wouldn't stay open long...

Ok, wait, maybe the Cottage Hospital was having a garage sale and they were offering free beer and popcorn.  Then if anyone had a real problem with one of those nasty popcorn kernels, one they couldn't wash away with the free beer - they were conveniently at a hospital so they could go in and get that pesky kernel removed with a scalpel or something else pointy that would clean out your gums?

Because really, no one is at a garage sale long enough to get drunk and need the services of a hospital, it's a fly by thing.  Except the lonely hangers-on, but it has been my experience they are more preachy than drinky, so they aren't getting drunk at the hospital garage sale.  Has to be the popcorn and honestly I don't think that's a good enough draw.

Free money on the other hand would work much better - and since it's been a negative cash flow thing all along, might as well make it a successful one!  I'll just take a tenner for my time - thanks!