Monday, August 5, 2013

Tesla Was Here

Ok, maybe Tesla wasn’t exactly here, since this is the inside of a porta-potty - at a beer festival – last weekend.

But look, he could have been here!  This is my hair, all standing up crazy.

It’s like I have my hands on a Tesla Coil and my hair is sticking out all over the place.  Mind you, I don’t think the owner of the porta-johns installed Tesla Coils in a random few stalls just to have a little fun with the patrons after they have had a couple – but I could be wrong….  

Of course, taking a picture while inside a porta-potty is not a pleasant thing. 

First of all, the goal is normally, to get in, and get out – as fast as possible, while balancing yourself – so nothing touches ANYTHING – all the while, holding your breath.

Stopping to fish your phone out of your pocket or purse or bra or wherever you keep it, to snap a photo is usually not in the repertoire of porta-potty dances (at least I would hope not…)

But here you have it, my hair – unfortunately having a mind of its own moment – not following the “do not touch anything” rule and sticking out statically towards the walls of the loo.  And since I found it humorous – I am now sharing it with you.

Next time, I’ll remember to bring a hair tie, advise you do the same!