Monday, August 26, 2013

Baby Bed

Anybody notice anything odd here?

Driving down the road, I come up behind this truck.  I look at it for a minute and see something swinging off the thing in the back.  Then it dawns on me, it’s a baby toy.  Hmm, that’s a baby carrier.

Ohhh, this is a truck.

Not a lot of room for babies in trucks if you have a passenger.  Please don’t tell me the baby is in the bed of the truck….

Can you hear the conversation?

John, I told you we needed another car.

Why, we have plenty of room.

Because, there is no room for the baby seat.

Of course there is, there’s a big old bed in the back of the truck.

John, the baby can’t be put in the back of the truck.

Why?  It’s good enough for Fido – he likes it back there.  

The baby is not a dog.

The baby won’t know any different.  Besides, it’s still summer, the weathers good.

John, you can’t put the baby in the bed of the truck.

Don't worry, no one can see back there.  I'll put him up by the passenger window, you can keep an eye on him and reach out the slider if you need too.

Let’s just hope that toy was swinging in the wind and not because a little hand was pushing it around….. 

Lord have mercy, you can’t put the baby in the back of the truck, even if it is technically called a “bed”.

Rock a bye baby in the truck bed, when the wind blows the toy rattle will swing…..