Friday, August 16, 2013


Ol’Skool, Donk, Box or Bubble – you decide?

Apparently there are rules for what is what – I just thought everything was Ol’Skool, considering all the cars are older and from that era.  But then again, when we were living that era, not a soul had wheels like this! 

As a matter of fact, if I remember correctly, Chevy Novas were hitched up in the back “with 60’s” and had regular tires on the front, so they leaned forward like a wedge.  

And people in the rural areas were driving around in “Monster” trucks – with wheel bases so high you needed a ladder to get in.  

But Oldsmobile’s and Impalas on 30 inch rims?  Unheard of (mostly because they were our parents cars and the rims were 13 or 14’s…) So yeah, maybe Ol’Skool for everything that looks like this is wrong. 

This all started because I passed a used car dealership – on Eight Mile, of course – dedicated solely to this era and style of car.  Great, I know!!!  

You could call this a “Classic” car lot if you wanted, the car left of the pole is a 1966 something GM (I can tell by the headlights), there are a couple lovely Oldsmobile Cutlass’, two Monte Carlos and a Buick on the end.  All worthy cars.  

Here’s the thing, you can think what you want, but anyone who buys a car like this, genuinely loves it and takes care of it.  I know, I know, the chances of it being stolen and stripped down in the first month of ownership is quite great, but in the mean time, someone took care of an old classic, kept it on the road and drove it around proudly.  Even if it does have ridiculous tires (and sometimes a really stupid paint job, no car with a really lively paint job are pictured in this post).
And in reading the internet, this is the most hated style of car?  Really?  Then why are there so many around.  I’m scanning my camera, because I have taken at least five shots of really colorful cars in the last few months, but I have too many damn pictures to get through them all and find the lime green and fuchsia examples.
(This is a fabulous Olds Cutlass, how could you not like this?)

Do you want to know the “rules”, oh come on I know your dying to learn them (or correct me)  - here it goes:
Ol’Skool – most likely an Oldsmobile from the late 60’s to early 80’s  (Ol’ get it = Olds…)

Donk – Most likely a Chevy Impala or Caprice from 1971 - 1976  (not sure what donk equals)

Box – Cars from that horrible 80’s era, shaped like, well boxes

Bubbles – Cars from the 90’s that looked like “bubbles” or as I used to call them “whales” – Cadillac’s and  Impala’s fall squarely into this category.  Oh, here’s one below…. (it’s a Caddy, on giant buggy wheels?)

And finally, I just have to show you plain stupid – sorry guy (or gal) I know you love your car, it's a nice car and I admire you for your creativity (I promise, no one else has one like it) but really, how useful is a car that can only go straight?  Because there is no way on earth this thing can turn the front wheels to get you around a corner….
Thanks to and for providing three of the photos, since I currently have camera clutter and need to spend a week downloading and categorizing images to my computer...