Monday, August 12, 2013

The White House

We’ve been spending a lot of time at BBQ’s and outdoor gatherings this summer, meeting new people and hearing new stories – and well, we heard a great one this weekend!!  

We met a lovely lady whom, in telling this story, you know she had the best interest at heart – it just worked out differently than intended.

Here it goes…. I’m going to call her Ethel (not even close to her real name).  

Ethel comes home from work on a Friday night and finds a little dog in her backyard.  There is no collar and no tag on the dog and its getting dark outside.  Worried about Coyotes, she brings the little guy inside.  Her dog isn’t particularly thrilled with this situation, so she separates them into different rooms for the night and goes to bed.

Saturday morning, she goes about looking for the dog’s owner.  She asks the lady next door who says - Oh that little fellow, he was in our yard a few days ago, we brought him in too (worried about the coyotes) but he peed on the floor, so we didn’t keep him any longer than we had too and in the morning we sent him back outside.  Nope, don’t know who he belongs too.

Ethel heads across the street to ask a few neighbors there, someone says- Oh yes – we know him, he belongs to the two girls that live in the white house over there and points in a general direction behind them.   

Ethel heads over to a white house with the little guy, knocks on the door, but no one answers.  Being resourceful and wanting the dog to be back in his own home, she tries the door – it’s not locked.  So she pops the doggie inside the door, pulls it shut and goes about her day running errands and getting Saturday chores done.

When she gets home, her husband says the two girls who own the dog were canvassing the neighborhood looking for their puppy.  I thought you said you took him to his house and left him there?

So it seems the dog did not make it to his own home, despite her best intentions.  Ethel had gone to the wrong white house and popped the doggie inside the wrong home….  

Can you imagine the homeowner opening the door and finding a random dog inside their home?  That one would be a question for the ages….”And we came home from a weekend trip and there was a dog inside out house!!  I know, we have no idea how he got there, or who he was…… a dog”!!!!


(Dog photo used above, not actual dog from this story)