Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Magic Carpet Ride!! (Re-post)

Happy summer Re-post Wednesday!  This is one of my favorites, mostly because we still tow the dog to bed every night and it is always funny.  Originally posted 11/12/12 with a different video that was long (still in the original Nov post and we have a link to on You tube below) - so we made a new video last night that is shorter (hope it works for you, had trouble loading it and I haven't made a you tube link for this yet, we'll see how it goes).  I think you should watch both videos really..... See you Friday!     (Link on YouTube to original longer video from Nov 2012)

It’s the most amazing thing; we have a magic carpet in our house!! Weeee!!! 
It kicks on every night when it’s time to go to bed.   
Now it doesn’t work for everyone, you must be a dog to be able to use it.  A dog that sleeps like she’s in a coma, tongue sticking out and who usually doesn’t wake up when she’s turned in for the night, even if you shake her. 
So here’s the thing, puppy is getting old, it’s difficult for her to get up on the bed like she used too, and she used to turn in every night around 10pm, whether you were going to bed or not.  She’d just get up from the living room, walk down the hall into the bedroom, hop up on the foot of the bed and go to sleep.  
Not so much anymore, since it’s hard to get up on the bed, she just stays with us in the living room at night.  So we bought her a blankie (pillow really).  Our last dog used to carry his around in his mouth and take it with him everywhere; therefore I thought every dog instinctively knew what they were.  It took this one about a month to discover what the gray thing was laying in her spot in front of the chair.  For the longest time just her foot would be on the pillow. Then one night her head made it on, then her whole body and she realized it’s soft and it has magical powers!!
And for us, it’s handy!  Coma dog is tough to deal with when you want to go to bed.  It takes about 20 minutes of prodding, shake her, go to the bathroom, shake her, go brush your teeth, shake her, go get a glass of water, shake her, go plug in your phone, shake her, go figure out what you’re going to wear tomorrow, shake her  – FINALLY wake her and go to bed.  Then listen to her grump on the floor.
After she embraced sleeping on the soft blankie, one night I just picked up the corners and pulled her into the bedroom.  Viola!! There she was, all set, no shaking, no trouble with old hips waking up and gimping down the hall after she’s been in a sleep coma, no problems at all – just a MAGIC CARPET that deposits her in the bedroom each night, ever so delightfully!!
It’s great, but I don’t really think we can market it.  My husband and I can’t be in everyone’s living room at bed time to pull the pooch around, but if you care to steal the idea – go ahead, just make sure the Magic Carpet is big enough to accommodate the dog with some extra room. We cannot be responsible for dogs who roll off their blankies when you pick up the corners and start the ride…..thud...

Ohhh - shake, shake, shake - shake, shake, shake - shake your doggie, shake your doggiee!!