Monday, August 19, 2013

Oops, Those Aren't Supposed To Be There



Remember when I asked if you cleaned out the seed spreader before we planted the beets?


Well – it seems the beet field has sprouted some corn.  Any idea why that is Rufus? 

Yeah.  I didn’t clean out the seed spreader.  It’s kinda pretty looking aint it?

Now of course you can tell I drew the “Corn Stalks” in myself, but I didn’t want you to miss the visual.

We were up north yet again last weekend, and well, when driving up north through Michigan, you pass a lot of crops, chicken (egg) farms and cows (obligatory Moo must be stated here, Moooo).  

On one the roads we were traveling down, we passed this crazy looking field.  I stared at it a long time.  Then it dawned on me, those random tall things sticking out of the short even beet greens were corn stalks.  Ooooohhhh – someone messed up and they’re in trouble……

And of course, my camera sat in my purse on the floor.  Now I did say I was getting better at taking my camera with me, but I never said I was getting better at recognizing crazy stuff quicker and pulling it out in time to catch a shot.

I would have asked the husband to turn around so I could get a picture of the bizarre beet/corn field, but the saint had just turned the car around and went backwards several miles so I could get a Caramel Frappe at the last McDonalds we were going to see for hours (and yes, it was delicious, thank you).

Clearly, I couldn’t ask him to turn around again! 

Going up north is always a long trip, so for me to single handedly add in another hour drive time because of a Frappe AND a crazy farmer’s field I might want to blog about, would have been inexcusable.  

So – instead, you have the artists rendition of “Random Corn in a Beet Field”.  Enjoy my fine drawing!!