Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oscar Worthy NacHors d’oeuvres

Aren’t these great!  I was digging around on the internet to find some Hors d’oeuvres to serve for Oscar viewing night.  Both odd facts if you knew us:

1)      I’m not a real movie person – except for the the golden era movies from the 30’s and 40’s that they play on TCM, for those slap happy shows I’m glued to the couch, but not so much new movies  (hubby on the other hand loves movies).   
So the Oscars to us are usually about a bunch of movies we haven’t seen, but this year we traveled a lot and well, the plane provided movie entertainment and therefore we had seen many of the nominated – so we decided to watch
2)      We aren’t really Hor d’oeuvers people – sure we love to entertain as often as possible, but mostly from our lovely back yard - BBQ style, or our lovely basement bar - slow cooker style
Therefore looking for snackies was difficult – went through all the foodie pages, foodie pictures, foodie blogs and was about to give up when the Disney page popped up – yes Disney.  The first two recipes they showed were fantastic!

This one above – which are Tostito Scoops, filled with taco seasoned beef, spiced up refried beans, green sauce and a slice of avocado on top – were simply fabulous!!  I will make these again.  The other was for Asian chicken and peppers stuffed in egg roll wrappers and cooked – couldn’t find any wraps, but when I do – I will make those too!

So I guess that’s where I am in life, my palate is so refined that the only finger foods that even remotely sounded good to me were from Disney – oh my….  Suppose I’m ok with it because they were delicious!!

Also made these – which were not from Disney, but from my quest to find something good to mix with cherry vodka – you see we drink raspberry vodka and lemonade rather often, but recently have been on a cherry kick – so here they are:
Sparkling Limeade from Trader Joes and cherry vodka from Smirnoff – and these too were delicious! Hubby said we needed a catchy name for them, and they really are like little statuettes – except I got nothing – no catchy anything – Cherry Lime Oscars?  Sparkling Oscarlings?  Cherry O’s? Oscar’s a Limey? Cherry Limettes under the management of Oscar?
So Cherry Limeade Fizz it is and we promise to have the makings for this at our next shindig, it also mixes with Sprite rather well…

Funny, this was a very Mexican themed snack event – nachos and lime drinks – yeah, that’s a good thing!  

Maybe that was subconscious?  Since we don’t normally watch the Oscars and the most familiar Oscar to me is the boxer Oscar de la Hoya – it all kind of ties in – plus Hollywood is in California – which partially belonged to Mexico oh so many years ago.

Everything is tied together in some way shape or form…..maybe Oscar is a Limey? Did England ever try to take Mexico? Cherry O Mate! But I’m pretty sure the Cherry Limettes are from right here in Motown….