Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Plural Puzzle

Does this look wrong to you?  It looks wrong to me.

This sign is in a major airport in NY, at the luggage carousels – of course.   Now I understand their point – there are 500 black luggage bags, five blue, three red, two green and a pink one, oh and there is always at least one with a pattern on it and few cardboard boxes with the bejesus taped out of them – all going round in a circle.

Sure, when there are 500 black bags, some are definitely going to look alike – even the two green ones could be identical – so yeah, check the tags.  But is this worded correctly?  

Have I been out of school so long that I have forgotten my grammar completely?  If you were a major US airport printing out really big signs about luggage, in multiples, should someone check the verbiage on the signs before they go to the printer?

Should the printer question the signs?

Or is the sign correct? 

You know like the Europeans say “going to Hospital” and the Americans say “going to THE Hospital” – either way – it’s okay.  Is the word “Luggage” like the word “Hospital”?

Husband and I had a discussion about this sign while standing there looking at it.  He thought about it for a bit and decided it was ok.  He is a grammatical guru, so for the most part I defer to his opinion on matters like this.  But really – it just looks wrong to me.

I just think the tense is off.  There is no such word as “Luggage’s” – so the word luggage in itself could be considered plural…but I’m not buying it.

Don’t you think it needs either another word or an S added to the word look?  You know “Some luggage MAY look alike” – or – “Some luggage LOOKS alike”? 

On to further observations, I’m just going to give a quick mention to the fact that some words on this sign are in capital and others are not – again, the sign printer should have just fixed this while printing the signs and as an automatic – probably should have removed the period at the end too…. husband pointed out these factoids.

Again, welcome to America – where we take our education seriously!  And as you pass through one of our busiest airports, we just want you to know our management is very thorough to make sure everything is correct in the day to day running of the business.  Hmmm, does no one in management ever leave their office – or travel through their own airport?  

Why do flights cost so much again?  Is it because we have to print and reprint signs several times over to get it right, so the management just said – screw it – pick your battles…. Now please take your shoes off and hold your hands up in the air like this – thanks, nice boxers…..