Friday, February 22, 2013

Frosty Inside and Outside - Brrrr!

Is this the grocery stores way of hinting – hey, its winter – aren’t you supposed to be on a diet?

Or maybe it’s a sign that no one buys ice cream when it’s freezing outside – which isn’t true, I downed a pint of Baskin Robbins in about four days just two weeks ago.  

I just want to point out that this is more than one cooler – and the staff has went though the effort to put the sale tags up on the sale items of the week  – so they are fully aware of the extra deep freeze happening in the store.  

Aren’t most of the stores stocked by the distributors if the good is a name brand?  If you worked for a distribution company and went into a big grocer and saw your stuff was frozen literally to the freezer – would you not say something?

So that’s two failures – the distributors who stock the freezers and the store employees who hung the sale tags.  It makes me wonder if the quality of the food is of equal disconcern in other areas?   You remember my watermelon post a few months back – that was totally gross and that was a different large grocery store chain altogether!

As you know, I love, love, love the grocery store – it carries all the yummy stuff we can eat and apparently it carries all the not so yummy stuff too – look at the one container with the orange lid – it is literally encased in ice, as is the stuff behind the M&M box.

I don’t know what to make of this – oh, maybe it’s part of the new Obama Care Plan– you know – to help us eat healthier by making it OUR decision NOT to eat ice cream, instead of the government forcing this decision on you.

Maybe they get a stipend from the government to have freezer failure in certain areas of “bad for you foods”, you know – like they pay farmers NOT to grow crops?   I should check the frozen pie and cookie area next time and see if it looks the same.  Don’t really ever buy frozen pies and thankfully I only buy Baskin Robbins ice cream at their shop (I’ve finally learned – I’m always so disappointed when I buy another brand and wish it was Baskin Robbins – hey if I’m going to eat a thousand calories – I want to love what it is I’m eating when I do).

Oh – maybe the person in charge of the frozen food area at this store is lactose intolerant and this is their way of feeling better – Hey if I can’t have this stuff – you can’t either, ha! 

Anyway – it worked, I walked right on by – of course I was going to anyway – but it looks like some people have foraged through looking for something decent to purchase.  Personally I think the freezer burn would translate through into the flavor of the product – so none of it can be any good.

Ah – the grocery store – what an exciting place, cup holders in carts, people with check books, one hit wonder music tracks, rotten watermelons and bonded to the cooler by frost ice cream – what fascinating thing will I find next?  Oh what fun the world is!