Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Infinity Edge Toilet

Have you ever broken the toilet of somewhere that wasn’t your house?

The other day we were at an annual house party and I see my friend cruising up the basement stairs at warp speed with the plunger in hand – Can you imagine?

Um, yeah, Paul (not real name) yeah – well you see the toilet seems to be overflowing in your main bathroom.  Um yeah, right now… ssoorryy……trailing off as the home owner runs at breakneck speed to get the plunger.

Now in our house, we keep the plunger right next to the toilet in the guest bathroom – that way if you make a horrible error whilst visiting us, you can bust your ass trying to make sure we are never the wiser…  Just seems the appropriate thing to do for our guests.  

Now if the same unfortunate event ever occurs in our main bathroom, well then one of us is running at breakneck speed into the basement to get said plunger from the guest bath!  Recreating the exact scene from my friend’s house the other day.

The above picture you ask?  Well thankfully it is not one of an overflowing toilet (you’re welcome), but it is from a broken one.  

We stayed at a resort-esque hotel a little while back (not quite a resort – but it did have a great resort like view) and well, my brute strength busted the handle off the toilet on our last day there.  I could tell you it was a solid metal handle that sheared off with my forceful push– but in reality it was just a cheap little piece of plastic.  Thus, leading me to believe that this isn’t the first time this has happened to this particular toilet.

Anyway – the result is the same, you have to tell someone you broke the toilet.  No one ever wants to tell someone they broke their toilet – even if it isn’t really theirs and belongs to the hotel.

Yeah – front desk? Um, I broke the handle off the toilet – um yeah – completely.  Yup, can’t flush without it – nope.  Ok, yeah thanks – ssoorryy……

Doe de doe, scuffing feet, hands in pocket.  It’s impossible to feel cool when you break someone’s toilet….