Monday, February 25, 2013

Regale Eagle

Last summer I walked in to the garage and for some reason thought – “Eagle”.  Just “Eagle”.   

Not a thought that pops in my head everyday and not something we have in the area.

I hadn’t figured out why "Eagle" had seemingly randomly crossed my mind until I got to the back of the garage.  Perched upon an old bikes handlebars was this beautiful big baby bird, studying me.  Can you see him? He’s against the green canvas case.

OOOhhh, that explains the screaming bird outside for the last couple of hours, you see, I had just opened the garage door before I walked in – it had been shut previously and there had been a very loud screaming bird outside the kitchen window for quite some time.  

As everything clicked slowly together I realized this big beautiful fluffy baby bird belonged to that big screaming black crow outside.  Mamma bird had been fretting and flying and screaming for a very long time trying to figure out how to get her kid out of that closed garage – one that I’m sure she told her kid not to go into in the first place (and why I think it’s a boy…) 

SQQUAAKK – I told you not to go in there – now look, see why didn’t you listen?  The humans have closed the door, its dark inside and mamma can’t get you out – no one can get you out – except one of those darned humans – SCREEECCHHH, SCREEECCHHH, SCAAREEECCHHH!!!

And so there he was, my baby “Eagle”, of course he’s a crow, but it works in this part of town and my subconscious brain thought he was an Eagle…

 I quickly got what I went in for and left baby to fly out to greet his mamma with Cawws of happiness. Except that it didn’t happen.  I’m guessing he had been hearing her yell at him for hours and hours and wanted nothing to do with a beak to beak confrontation – nope – Lady, could you just close that door again, can’t you hear my mom?  Yeah, I’m safe in here – it’s ok, really, just close it again….

As we later learned, when we felt it was time to shoo him out, he couldn’t fly yet…. Despite his size, he really was just a baby – he must have had a lucky hop up because he had no talent in the winged propulsion arena. 

You shouldn't touch a baby bird, mamma could reject it – so now that baby Eagle was on the ground in behind the bike.  It made for a dilemma. 

Hubby helped me move the stuff in the corner and we worked on getting him out of the garage.  Mamma bird followed along with him while he hopped down the driveway and then towards the lawn.  It was not looking good, a return "flight" to the nest was not going to happen – wherever that nest may have been (Hmm, crows nests – aren’t they on top of Pirate Ships? Man, if I missed a pirate ship sailing down the cul-de-sac I’m going to be bummed…..)

Anyway, he made it to the corner of the yard, between the fences, mamma was back there with him, I checked on them from time to time, but really after night fell they were on their own against the neighborhood kitties.  I’d like to think my Eagle grew up to be big and strong and now hangs out with the other crows that watch over our house in the summer.  Maybe if we leave the garage door open sometime next summer he’ll pop in for a little break from what will surely be a nagging wifey bird by that time…. 

You’re not going in there again are you?  So help me, I’ll go get your mother!  Eagle, Eagle?  I’m warning you, there is a nest to be built, straw to be found, twigs to be gathered, mud to be packed, my bellies getting full with our first egg -  I can’t fly so well – you’re the one who wanted a family our first year – Eagle, EEAAGGLLEE?!?!