Monday, February 18, 2013

Danger Will Robinson!

Maybe he is not the real robot from the 1960’s Sci-Fi series Lost in Space, but he certainly is a relative!

Well, that’s what I think and I’m sticking to it.  According to Wikipedia – the robot was a Klaxon - ok, if you say so, who am I to disagree? 

Now this series was a million years ago – but everyone has heard someone quote the line “Danger Will Robinson” at some point.  Apparently it’s been used as a line in various songs and other TV series ever since.  Of course it is used to "warn" of impending danger or of a mistake about to be made. 

Seems like this bot has moved in on some land that used to be a home – there is no more home, just this Klaxon cousin guarding the alley.  You see, here in southeast Michigan we have a lot of empty plots of land.  It’s a bit of a scourge and only getting worse. 

So, in order to make the whole reversion of the land back to nature thing more palatable, local artists “decorate”.   I like it. 

We have a very famous few blocks in Detroit that Tyree Guyton has been transforming for many, many years, gluing pennies, shards of mirrors, stuffed animals or shoes to abandoned houses.   It’s better than the alternative – a burnt down structure.  The city will come in and plow the stuff over every six years or so and he will start over in the same area – there is a lot of “blank canvas” to work with in some spots of Detroit.  It’s sad, but he is also trying to bring joy into the world with his oddball art.  No mistake there.

I always tour out of towners around to see his stuff – judging by the flow of cars and people wandering around with cameras, I’m not alone in liking it.
I couldn’t find any pictures of the house covered with pennies in my stash – but here is one on a bare spot of land (where a former “art” house stood) that he has made some lovely buried sculptures and has maintained the lawn.  See – isn’t it colorful and cheerful?  Yeah much better than the stories you read and see about the decline of Detroit.

Anyway – all I’m saying is – empty lot art is cool!  I’m all for it and if we can turn ourselves into a sculptural mecca – than we should.  Is everybody smiling?  Good.

Now if I could just find one of these pink jumpsuits to wear around while running errands – I could guarantee no one in the world would ever have a sour face….