Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cannula – Cannoli, Similar Effect?

Isn’t it funny how the two items above have a similar shape with pointed open ends?? Coincidence or inspiration??  (And the stuff on the inside might look a little something alike too…..)

One is a tool used in liposuction - the other is a sweet pastry.
Like 80% of the female world, I have an area on my body that I would love to change.  In my case it’s my thighs.

I’m 5’2, so yes, I am short.  In other words - long model legs I do not have… This is not to say I’m overweight, not at all, I just wish I had thinner thighs and “hips”.  When you were athletic as a kid and still do things to build your legs – like row – thinner thighs is not really an option.

Years ago I went and priced out liposuction for my short little legs – then I went home, looked at the bank account and concluded that it would never ever happen – but it still was always a thought… until last week.  Now I feel simply great about myself!!

There was an article in a magazine that showed all these thin actresses and Hollywood types that had had liposuction.  And as the list of names and faces and went by you wondered if these people were ever even remotely overweight or out of shape and did they ever need lipo?

I mention this because the pictures they showed of these folks were AWFUL.  They were calling it cellulite, but I have to think it was cannula tracks (my words) where that horrible pointed evil looking tool went in and sucked the fat out of their legs, stomach, arms, wherever they wished, and left holes and valleys that later sunk in where the “fat” was now missing.  

You could call it cellulite, but I think cellulite looks far better than whatever they had going on.  Apparently the human body needs this layer of stuff under the flesh to keep it mostly uniform looking and to hold your cells all together – these "stars" were literally separating under their skin.

I’m not including any pictures of the women who had sunken tracks on their bodies, I think they suffer enough in the gossip magazines.  But yeah!  My solid little muscular thighs and “hips” are well, solid. There are no great divides or dry river beds running down the sides of them or across the front and Hallelujah for that!

So world, go eat and enjoy that rich sweet cannoli and if it goes to your legs, belly, arms – wherever, well then just try to eat only one – but I can assure you, that cannoli looks much better on you than sucked out of you!  So much better…..