Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fly Spy Something Out Of Season

Guh, icckk, eeeewww, booo, yuck!

Yeah – that’s the stream of sounds still running through my head and I can’t wash my hands enough.

Maybe a bit of an overreaction, but as far as I’m concerned flies are the dirtiest creatures out there... Booo – yuck!

Ok, now I can get on with it.  So I was walking by the dog’s water bowl and on the edge was something black.  She just shared Chef Boyardee Raviolis with me for lunch – so I figured it was a piece of meat or something from that most healthy of canned lunches.

I swoop my finger along the side of the bowl to pick the black thing up and as I’m walking over to the sink to rinse it off – IT MOVES!  Gahh – what? Ewwww….It’s a fly!!! 

Wait - A FLY???? 

The winds are blowing gale force, there is snow blustering about, it’s the middle of February and it is nine degrees Fahrenheit outside (-13c).  Where in God’s good earth did a fly come from???? Boo – yuck!

I keep wiping my finger – I can’t get the fly-iness off of it.  Funny because I can pick an earthworm up off the sidewalk and move it to a “safe” grassy place with no problems at all – but touch a fly?  No one touches flies – they well – fly, and they land on everything – food, pop cans, poop, rotted garbage, infected outdoor animal wounds.  Plus they give birth to/lay eggs to breed maggots.   Ugghhhh.

The fly is now safely washed down the sink – the garbage disposal has been turned on and ran, with full force water – to make sure that the winter wonderland fly creature does not return. 

Hmmm, do you think he was a spy?  You know – like a secret camera and microphone spy fly robot sent in to see what we do all day?  And because the house is so clean it had to think – quick - where would a fly land in such a beautiful spotless house (haha) – oh good – there’s a dog bowl, that’ll work!  No, couldn’t have been, you could just ask what we do all day and I’d tell you…

Oh the picture above, that’s a re-enactment, the “Fly” is a little black shirt button – yeah, that would have been so much better.   

Boo – yuck – plagh!

Must go wash my hands again…..
 This cool fly picture was found in the internet - uck...