Friday, January 17, 2014

Shell Art?

As you know, we recently had a lovely vacation on a relaxing island over the Christmas break.  And as you do on most island vacations, you search the beaches or stores for a few shells or items made of shells to take home as souvenirs of your trip.

But since we were on a volcanic island, the only thing the beaches had were lava rock in a choice of brown or black (and yes, I did bring a few pieces home to display with my other rocks in the windowsills).  

A few inlets had a bit of sand, but somehow I think that was shipped in.

Even the golf course used lava rock for its “Sand Traps”.  I know, cool huh?  Unless you are a golf club, then it’s a bit rough – haha, get it – rough...

Therefore wasn’t it nice to know that the stores there had our backs?

I mean, since there were no shells that I could see on this island to pick up and bring home, they took care of that for us in the gift shops, by providing these .

Look, I snapped a couple photos.

For a mere 8.95 Euro, you could bring home one of these lovelies!

Now which do you prefer – the 40 shell base tank or the ever so scary big pointy bulleted jet plane?

Hmm, neither?  Me either.  I could just imaging going through the security line to get on the plane with one of these beauties in my bag.  But officer, we are just coming back from the beach and I wanted to bring some shells home for the family….

Security, can we get some security over here – back up, we need back up!!  

Lady – come with us, can we see that passport again??  American?  Sure you are.  No Americans come all the way to this island – they go to the Caribbean or Mexico.  Why is your husband’s passport not from the US?  Is that your natural hair color?  What other names do you go by, you have how many aliases?  No, just leave your shoes there – you won’t be needing them where you're going.  

Bought these in a gift shop,huh?  indeed.