Friday, January 10, 2014

Pleh, Pleh, Pleh - Get Me Out of Here!

With all this frigid weather and snow we’d been having – we had no idea. 

Snow has been falling and falling and falling.  There comes a point where there aren’t any more places to put it – there is just too much.  Then, to add insult to injury – we spent the week in some crazy “Polar Vortex” meaning – it’s so cold outside there is not a positive number for it.

We varied between -9 and – 15 Fahrenheit (that’s -23 to -26 for you Celsius people) not including windshield factors – yeah – there are really no words for that kind of cold!  

We are used to cold, this is Michigan – but not days on end of with no positive digits.  As a joke to us, they gave us a temp of 1 to look forward to last Wednesday – ONE, not sure we hit it.

Anyway, back to the point.  Apparently Santa is stuck in our front yard!! 

Not sure why he didn’t fly back to the North Pole when he had a chance – but there he is, buried and quite unhappy on our front lawn.

No wonder the little girl next door wanted me to get a hold of him for her (Previous post 1/6/14 Red Phone to Santa - ASAP) – he is just outside our front window – buried in the snow.   

Can you see his face – looks very unhappy - and a bit hot under the collar (haha).  

Well at least he can get a breath, just think if he were completely stuck under this avalanche?  

We’d become the people known for killing Santa.  How awful would THAT be?  NO ONE wants to be known as the people who killed Santa!