Friday, January 24, 2014

Lost in Translation

Say you find yourself in Madrid and you want a cold beverage.

You come across this place and you think – great, an Ale Hop place – sounds perfect!

Being American, we are very fond of hoppy beers and occasional ale to cool you off during a hot day is a good thing too.  Of course it was 30 degrees out, so a hoppy beer was a better bet for the climate of the day.  A good IPA (India Pale Ale) can take you a long way.

Then we get a little closer.  Look close – that is a cow, yup a cow peeking out.   

Ok, so their mascot is a cow – whatever, I’ve seen worse and this is a meat loving country, so maybe cows are a common symbol of patriotism.  No biggie – I too like cows.

But we are getting closer and this in not looking like a pub.

Nope, it is not looking like a pub at all.

Oh – it’s a store.  Ok, well, maybe Ale – Hop isn’t the best name for a store, but then again, maybe it means something entirely different in Spain.

Wanna know what they sell, since it is not hoppy ales?

Ok,it’s kitchen utensils, blankets, small children’s toys, bathrobes, jewelry AND sex toys.  

Hmmm, the cow is kind of a kitschy draw, kids probably pat the cow and then go in for the trinkets and colorful jewelry – maybe even a blanket – but sex toys and kitchen gadgets (the movie Turner and Hooch anyone? Or was it K9?) 

Anyway, you can’t get a beer – so don’t sidle up to the sales girl and ask for one – at least not yet, they could still come around…..maybe run the tap right out of the udders - it could happen...