Monday, January 6, 2014

Red Phone to Santa - ASAP!

Well, it seems I’m a bit late on this request, Christmas as has come and went.  That, and I am not sure I agree with it.

But I have it here on a special delivery note – straight to me from the sweet little girl next door - a request.  A very big request.  

This was delivered in the mail box, so it must be important to her that that it is carried out and she obviously trusts that I will do so.

She would like me to contact Santa and tell him that her beloved doggie – Suzie - has been bad.

Now I know Suzie (and I thinks she’s great – you’ve met her – Golden Bullet of Fur, originally posted  9/14/12).  She’s a delightful little basset hound/retriever mix that we would adopt on a minute’s notice if offered.   (Rosie’s not a big fan of hers, but sometimes we are not big fans of Rosie….ah yes).

The note reads, after the To’s and From’s  (photo shopped out) – “Note! Call Santa and let him know that Suzie's been (look on the other side too) a bad girl”.  

Awww, Suzie is such a cute girl – look at her Christmas photo – she’s on Santa Chimney Watch Patrol – how can she be a bad girl?

Anyway – I’ll think this can wait a few months – like eleven - before I contact Santa.   But if the neighbor girl asks you – her request was carried out and Santa gave Suzie a reprieve this year – I think she’ll understand.