Thursday, August 9, 2012

What Is This Horrible Greenish Blue Picture??

You may be asking yourself, what exactly is this horrible greenish blue picture?  Is that a sidewalk in the corner, what is it exactly?  Well my friends, it's my attempt at a book cover.  Nice huh?  Yeah, I'm pretty proud.

Why do I need a book cover, well I've been writing a little e-book since Feb, it's pretty much been done since March, but I can't post it until I have a fabulous book cover.  I've ceased thinking like a normal person and have frozen up on what to do about a cover.

I've went to many sites where you post your need and people all over the world are supposed to bid on your project.  PING!!  That's a pin dropping.  Apparently I am living in the black hole of project requests because not one single soul has gotten back to me on creating a cover.  Which is fine, I'm sure the entire world is busy, but please I beg you teenage kid with Photoshop talent, or actual graphic designer, LOG IN, FIND MY REQUEST AND HELP ME  (see above delight one more time).

Here's the terrible thing, this is what I came up with after many hours on the computer, a tutorial or two and research on the web for "how to" advice, most which started out "I'm assuming you know the basics of Photoshop".  Um, sadly no, it took my twenty minutes to find "gradient"  a design feature all the sites said you absolutely should use when creating a cover.  Ah, again look at my beautiful gradient - I created that lovely green to blue effect all by myself.  Patting back wildly now.

So my friends, if per chance this cover ever does appear on the NY Times Best seller list, you can say - "You knew me when....." and pick  yourself up a copy, the delightful blue to green gradient alone, must be worth something in the art world - no?