Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sign Language?

This morning I wake up and am greeted on the bathroom counter by the above.  I’m not fluent in sign language, but I think what this means is “Wife, I’m out of deodorant”! 

Now this is just a guess, the container could have simply been left on the counter, by a husband in a rush  - but generally deodorant is not the type of thing that makes long term appearances;  It gets picked up, opened, used, closed and set back down in the space where it normally lives, never once touching the outside ground.  It just goes straight home to the medicine cabinet each morning, like clockwork. 

Simply by the way it was cozied up to my hair brush – topless, leads me to believe that I am successfully conquering this new language.

The problem with men's deodorant is that they all look alike.  I've tried this before.  After about the tenth time of me returning something in a red container that was not the proper species, formula or scent there was a deal made – darling husband, please buy your own!

Looks like all bets are off, me and Topless Spice and are off to the store for a round of match this red item – hey wait, didn't she perform in the closing ceremony of the Olympics last night? Can Becks come to the store with me; I think I’ll be needing some assistance…