Friday, August 10, 2012

Neighbor, we grew you this tree to welcome you home

Dear Neighbor,

How little did I know what a green thumb was possessed when you asked us to take care of your colossal flower collection only six short weeks ago.   And how much fun it would be to watch your sweet doggie, albeit on a request of extremely short notice, for two of those many summer weeks while you were vacationing in the great lands up north and across the border.

How I learned what beauty 50 pots o'hanging and on the ground could encase around your front and back yards.  Just how many bees, hornets and spider webs I would play with on a daily basis, walking through and dancing around and away from each day in your yard.

How many helpful neighbors would visit to tell me "don't water at noon" and in what great numbers those infinite pots of plants could produce of dead heads - sticking to my fingers daily and then the ground when shook there violently off my hands (for compost reasons of course).

And how your gardens looked far nicer when you left then they will when you will arrive back home - tomorrow, after the record number of 90+ degree summer days with no rain in site (until it gloriously finally fell last night).

And yes, I'm sure what you least expected upon your return tomorrow is this little welcome home present that has sprung up out of the mat at your front door from my excellent watering skills.  Quite positive the chicken prefers to be grass fed, glad I could provide that little service for you, may she long be happy and healthy and produce many fresh eggs.  Oh and you're very welcome for your new tree, I think it's an Elm!