Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chicago, the 51st State??

 It's been over 60 years since we got a new state!

Read the television program description above... snapped this off the TV not too long ago (obviously during the Olympics). 

 I don't know when it happened, but the History Channel had a program on "How the States Got Their Shapes"  and specifically named Chicago and  Wisconsin, probably because they are near each other? Well sort of, but not actually bordering.  Of course they said there are "many others", I wonder what other cities have recently claimed their statehood?

You would think something like this would get a "Breaking News" flash and Obama would have come on to explain to us exactly when and why Chicago ceded Illinois to become its own state - or was I just on vacation that day and missed the news flash?  Anyone?

Excellent news, now I can put another pretty colored tack in our world map of states and countries traveled to, yet another state conquered!  

Most everyone from Michigan has been to, and enjoyed this state of Chicago - in  the many states (of mind) Chicago induces whenever one has the great pleasure of visiting it. 

Ooooh - I bet Rhode Island is geeked - no longer can they be picked on for being the smallest in the land of the free, the ball busters in Chicago can now take on that title and they will not be bullied in any way shape or form for their relatively small size. 

Hmmm - the "Windy State", not exactly as charming as the "Windy City".
"Second State" - also not gonna work - I believe Pennsylvania goes uncontested for that one.  "Chi-State" - sounds like a college...

Gonna have to change Sinatra's tune's too - "Chicago, Chicago, that toddling state"  Yeah, also no good.  Guys, I think you'd better reconsider this statehood thing, simply for the Sinatra tunes alone.  Best you just stay "My kind of town"...