Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Always Feel Like Someone Is Watching Me...

Have you ever went to the bathroom in the dark and just felt like you were not alone??

Yeah, well the reason you felt a presence is that this ugly fella was sharing the bathroom with you.  Well, not this particular guy, since he is now dead and will not ever be watching anyone again - but he has brothers, many many brothers. 

I've met a few of them over the years and have successfully truncated the lifespan of all of them. You think they would learn.  Ugggh!

It really is an odd thing, hundreds of times you go to the bathroom on regular basis and things are just fine. Then in an instant you just know when you are walking in that there is a mega legged, inch plus long thing in there with you - even though the lights are out and you can't see him.  You can just feel it.

BOOM - you flip the light switch turn around and get "Hey, How you doin?" from this guy.  I get the creeps just looking at the picture.  Kinda like the creeps you used to meet in the  bars, only this guy has more legs.  I'd say they both move just as fast.....

BLAGHHH - shudder, shoulder roll, YUCK.

Ok - I think I'm done with him and I'll be ready for the next bugger that dares to crawl up the drain for a visit.  "Knock, knock, knock - Who's there - Land Shark!"