Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sailing, Sailing, Over Mack Ave We Go

Ah, summer in Michigan, the wind in your face, asphalt at your sides!

Sailing through blue skies and green lights at a 35 mph clip - how many knots is that, 30 perhaps?  What a wonder the Grosse Pointes are, now I can see why they have such an elitist attitude, just look at the scenery, sailing behind diesel fifth wheels, with Hyundai's by your side - oh the joy summer can bring when you have a sail boat.

And to think while I was out running some errands, I just happened to sail right up behind, alongside and then eventually pass this lovely land yacht - ha, a term I thought was originally reserved for 1970's American cars, with couches for front seats.

 A little to dreamy maybe?  Not so - I tell you.  If you lived around here you would know how special it is just to be invited inside the private marinas with all the fancy boats.  There's tons of water around here - but you can't use it - it's all gated, guarded and member-shipped. 

No more I say - I have seen the future, it doesn't involve fancy clubs, five thousand dollar yearly dues, wooden docks, or 20 foot sails, no sir, just a big trailer and a street where the traffic lights swing high.  The emergency motor doesn't even need to run, as long as you have towing capacity and a trailer hitch on your vehicle - the world is your oyster!!

Off to the boating junk yards - I hear the recession has been terrible for weekend water warriors, this has to be good for the daily pavement pounders!

Woo hoo - I can be a sailor - Arghh Matey, Arghh!!  Do eye patches block UV rays? Where's my parrot?