Thursday, August 16, 2012

Code You Say?

This brightly colored house belongs to lovely man, he is my husband's former neighbor.  He really is a good man and you will get a kick out of this story, it happened a few years ago, but we drove by yesterday and were happy to see everything is the same multi-colored f-you.

This house used to be white, but someone in the neighborhood complained that the paint was chipping off and he was served by the city with a citation telling him he had XX amount of days to paint his house to bring it up to code.

Smart man that he was, then read the code to see exactly what it was that he was in violation of and what exactly he was allowed to do about it.  What he did about it shows above, which meant going to a home improvement store and getting a can of paint in every bright color he could think of, including fuchsia - which is on the side of the house that is not in this picture.  Then he painted a piece of his house in each of the colors.  The colors are great: Bright yellow, green, red, purple, fuchsia, royal blue, orange.

My husband's old house faced the purple and green side, which only showed out the dining room window and never ever bothered him.  The woman he thinks turned him into the city got the bright pink and orange side.  He said he considered what colors would make her most unhappy and selected those for her daily viewing enjoyment.  Her driveway is on that side of the house, so there is never a time that she leaves or returns to home that she isn't looking at the joy he sent her way.

By the way, did you notice this man's yard is immaculate - yeah, not exactly a problem citizen.

Of course the city when they came out to inspect that he indeed painted the house in the required time and was no longer in violation of the "city code" must have been extremely happy with his color selections.  Which they surely must have felt was much improved over the white chipped paint that formerly adorned his home.

I would be willing to bet that the city code was changed, pretty much immediately, to keep anyone from being that creative with their paint scheme ever again.  And that is why this is a great house, for once someone got a legitimate f-you out to a city that really should have been worrying about things more important than a couple of missing white paint flakes.  Beautiful.