Monday, May 5, 2014

What the Bloom?

So husband and I take a trip to Holland to see the tulips last weekend….

The hundreds of thousands - no millions of tulips, in row after row of grand color in the fields – the beauty of which you’ve never seen before…

What, you don’t see them?  Look at the many colors, the beauty, the awe inspiring wonder of it all.  Yeah, husband’s with ya on that one – he doesn’t see it either.

It’s been so friggin cold this past winter they weren’t out, apparently they are still waiting for spring.  Some of the red ones were (as a rule they come out first) but beyond that we were looking at fields of lovely greenery. 

Oh, I should point out that the Holland we went to was on the west side of Michigan – not the actual Holland.  But don’t tell them that – they are very Hollandy – complete with giant imported windmills, Delftware (the actual stuff, made right there with permission from the real Delft in the Netherlands) and wooden shoes – also made right there.

It’s a lovely town and they have a two week festival to celebrate the millions of tulips grown and sold from there every year – and well this year – the tulips are growing, but we missed the show – by two weeks they estimate.  Long after their annual festival is over.

Our garden had more color – my tulips were out last week, even the pink and yellow ones – not just the red.  So here are pictures of my tulips, I guess the better show was in Detroit this year – see, we’re not all bad!