Monday, May 26, 2014

Let 'Er Ripppppppppp!!!

Going to a Fart Fest any day now – going to a Fart Fest!!

Woohoo, everybody – it’s an official Fart Fest Celebration – who knew there was such a thing? 
I mean, clearly if there is man in your house – there is a very good possibility you have a fart fest on a daily basis – but a celebration of said farts?  Not so much.

Where in the world do you ever get to celebrate the face making, nose squinching, eye watering, duck quacking, air squelching, silent but deadly, bloat relieving fart?  Ever??
Oh, I’m so excited!!  I bet they will be serving baked beans, broccoli, fried eggs, onion rings, french onion soup, brussel sprouts, oatmeal and milk.   

And since it’s a fart fest – no one will care.  (Ok, the crazy methane people that complain about the cows might - but I'm pretty sure here in Detroit, the car capitol of the world - you won't find any of them - we sent them all to pasture years ago - haha).

Oh yes look, it says right there on the sign there will be food and crap – along with a snuffle – or is that a sniffle?  Oh, it could be Snapple – hey, they could have new flavor…

To quote an old Irish proverb (I hear quite often in this family) “Wherever you be, let your wind go free” and my friends, you can be sure it will – on 6/7/14 at 10:00am when this whole little party begins!

Ah, I love this side of town, I really do.