Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lactose Tolerant?

So what’s true?

Seems like someone is a bit confused at the company – it has to be one or the other, it can’t be both.

What do I mean?   Well the other day I picked up a creamer and poured it in my diner coffee just to watch it promptly sink to the bottom - like I put nothing in it.  

Wait – creamer (half and half) doesn’t usually do that, it should swirl.  So after I stir it up, I look at the label, to see what kind of Frankenstein mix I just dumped into my fresh coffee. 

In a big purple swipe it says it is a “non-dairy” creamer.  OK, fine – whatever, that’ll work, I just need something in my coffee.  Then in bold letters directly under the non-dairy bit it states that it “contains: milk”.  

How is that again?  Is it non-dairy or is it dairy?   

Milk strikes me as THE MAIN dairy food coming out of a Dairy Farm and its many cows.  I’m sure if you were to ask them, hundreds of dairy farmers around this world would agree with that.

So how is it that a Non-dairy creamer contains milk?  Lactose intolerant folk must not be too happy with this – it’s like selling a mild salsa that is full of habanero peppers – it just doesn’t work that way.

What kind of labeling laws do we have in the US?  I’m going to go with not very consistent ones – that or this one slipped by the inspector. 

Huh – wha?  George, hey George – you seem to have nodded off – that new blend of creamer we are sending out today – how did that look?  Oh good, everything was fine?  Great – you know how first runs are, there is always something wrong , glad you were on the job to make sure it all went smoothly!