Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Incorrect Target Market

I found this in the paper last Sunday.  It’s May 21st.  

There are just so many things wrong with the statement under the automatic robot vacuum thingy I don’t know where to begin, but let’s start here…

Did I mention it’s May 21st?  Yeah – there aren’t any college kids at the dorm right now – its summer, soooo??

Next, a $350 vacuum, for your college student kid?  Hmmm, most people don’t own a $350 dollar vacuum in their home, let alone buy one for their college aged kid to use at a dorm!  

And finally, college kids vacuum?  

I didn’t think college kids vacuumed.  Surely they have other things to do and somehow when the list was made out of things they need – a bed, sheets, towels, microwave, small fridge, money for food – vacuum could not have been on any one of their minds.  

No, I don’t think college kids vacuum - not even the neat kids. Nope, not once all school year.

Therefore, next time someone takes out advertising for you, hire a professional marketing company – my guess is they will do a better job with your target market – Oh, you did?  Well than – neato peachy keen – maybe the kid will work all summer and save up for this handy tool – now that they know what it costs and where to get it…. Yeah, I just don’t see that happening though….  

Swing and a miss!!!