Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK... (Re-Post)

Hi all, crazy busy Weds ahead of us here at the house - so I'm shooting up a re-post.  It was hard to pick one this morning, apparently I am easy to amuse today - which is good, I might need the humor in my back pocket.  Originally posted July 30, 2013. Enjoy and see you Friday!

We’ve had some wicked storms come through here the last couple weeks.  There are branches and tree limbs lined up on boulevards everywhere waiting for someone to cut them up and take them away.

And here we have pictured just the guy for the job – the entrepreneurial man has a tree service.  Hey I’m all for that!  

Driving along Woodward this catches my eye, because something is just not right about it. 
I’m not talking that those are house numbers stuck to the side of his truck, it does the job – you know he has a tree service and the number is listed for your help in calling him (blocked out of course).  But it’s something else.

Is he Stan K Rains, if I were to have to look him up because I’m driving and can’t write the number down?  

Or is he Stank Rains?  Ok, well that’s a little odd, but maybe he’s making a comment on the storms that take the tree limbs down and he likes to call them Stank Rains – ok, I suppose…

But no, that’s not it.  

Anybody see it?


Yes, there is a B in between Stank and Rains.  

See it?  It doesn’t have a white background – it’s just stuck to the green van.

So your businesses name is STANKBRAINS?  STANKBRAINS Tree Service? 

Ummm…..buddy, I don’t know you and I’m sure you’re a very talented tree cutter downer guy – but when you were picking out names for your business – how exactly did you land on STANKBRAINS?  

I’m just curious as to what kind of night you were having?  Did someone help you come up with that?  And then did you run off to the local 24 hour Meijer’s store before the idea left your “brain” and buy some stickers to plaster on the side of your van?  And just like that – poof, you were in business!?

Because I have to tell you – STANKBRAINS, although catchy, is just not a very good business name – for ANY kind of business…even if you were selling stanky brains, which clearly you are not.  

Ohhhhh, you do own a chain saw, hmmm, in that case – the name is lovely – just lovely, Jason.