Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Say What NBA?

A few weeks ago I took this picture off the TV, because they say a picture paints a thousand words – or in this case ten – but it could be a thousand, because it says a lot!!

Soooooo, what we can gather from this little white box of dialog is that drugs – while not ok in College sports - are perfectly fine in the NBA??

Clearly it states this kid failed his drug test so he can’t play ball in school next year – therefore – he is going to go Pro.   

Or at least he will be welcomed into the draft, even after a failed drug test…that I might add was taken just after the playoffs – in which they were supposed to go far – win even - but they didn’t.   
Could this boy be to blame?

The NBA should be fuming at this assumption that it’s ok to enter the draft because you failed the Universities drug test and oh yeah – your reward for failing is that you will become a millionaire if a team picks you - as opposed to playing for nothing if you finished your degree and kept playing College ball.  Oh and he's a Sophomore...

The ridiculousness of it all.