Monday, December 23, 2013

Patience Grasshopper

Pulling up to CVS, the local drug store (i.e. Chemist), I see something out of the corner of my eye.  

Something like a giant Teddy Bear.  Is that a giant teddy bear?  What the heck is that way over there by the light pole?

Did a kid drop his giant teddy?  Is there a carnival in town where you could win such a thing?  Are there Christmas toys in the store and already the thing was too heavy or too big to carry once outside the door?  Did a kid steal it and panic?

Or did a parent get tired of driving around with the giant thing in the car – kids fighting over it, dump it by the light pole?

Do you see it?  No – it’s a bit far away, let me zoom in….  

Ohhhh my gosh that’s a dog.  A real live adorable, giant floppy dog!  And what a good dog it is – sitting there tethered to the pole.  Just sitting there, waiting patiently for his owner to return, not barking or caring that I’m relatively close to him.

I never knew that Teddy Bears were real live things, I always thought they were invented for Teddy Roosevelt, but look - apparently there are teddy bear dogs.  How wonderful!  Don't you just want to squeeze the stuffing out of him?

The things you discover when you are out and about in the world – amazing isn’t it?