Friday, December 27, 2013

Giant Symbolism, No Mistakes

Say you are on vacation or out of the country for work – as so many of us are these days.  And perhaps you went out during the evening and had a few drinks – let’s just say Sangria’s for this reference because we’re talking Spain.  Now, when one is relaxing and enjoying themselves, there is always a possibility you may have one too many or maybe just enough – but you have to go to the bathroom and you have to go now.

Now, being in a foreign land, often, there is a language difference.  Usually you can figure out what door you need to enter by the picture on the sign as well as the wording.  Because as you know, sometimes the wording is close to your own language and it’s easy to know which is for the boy and which is for the girl.  But sometimes it is way off (like it is in Ireland where Fir does not mean Female, it means Male – duly noted and lesson previously learned….)

So, let’s sum up this story - you are on a Spanish Island, you have had a few Sangrias and you have to go to the bathroom.  

Can you tell me which one I should go into by the sign?

Ah yes, do you think I made the correct choice by choosing the one above with the giant boobies (and how did they know I was going to be there….haha).  

Of course I did, because look at the choice for the male! 

Oh my, no inhibitions, or bathroom door mistakes, here…

(Yeah, I know - they are the wrong direction - I have what is quite possibly THE SLOWEST internet connection known to man here - so when I find a better spot, I will flip them right.   Thanks!!)