Monday, December 9, 2013


Oh my goodness.

Now where’d I put that?

Where on earth is my lunch?

I’m so hungry, I can’t find it anywhere – where is it?

The neighborhood is so big – it could be anywhere.

How could I have done this?

Where is that windowsill?

Just what house was I walking across today – they all look the same, you’d think they would have tossed in an occasional wood structure – why are they all brick?

My goodness, my goodness – it was such a great find too.  Normally it’s just bread or seed, but today – today we had sausage!

Just where did I put it?  It was so heavy I laid it down for a rest.  

Then, I got so scared when that little dog started barking.  Oh, what house was it – whose dog?  Oh they are all so scary.

Oh dear, oh dear…

Well folks – it’s been a few days now, I hate to move the sausage for the squirrel may just come back.  It won’t rot – it’s freezing out – now it’s like a sausage popsicle!  

Anyway, if he doesn’t return by Wednesday – it will have to go – that’s trash day and besides, it doesn’t match the Christmas lights….

Lunch anyone?