Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Footprints In The Snow

One night a man had a dream. He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the Lord… as the famous poem goes.   But we have a different set of footprints – or several sets, as it seems.  

When you walk in the city in the winter – there are many different kinds of spiritual experiences.  It is still, peaceful, and quite – but different, much different that the beach and an occasional hermit crab trail.

And who says there is no wildlife in the city?  I beg to differ.

Like above – here we have a dog walking along side a car in the drive… ok maybe not at the same time, but none the less – they are “footprints in the snow”.  One brings us joy, the other takes us places.

And here, here we have what can only be described as a feral neighborhood cat, or at least that is my assumption based on the smell that emanates from under the tree nearby tree.  He brings me the hope that he eats well every night – ridding the neighborhood of certain city type rodents.

Next we have the most common of neighborhood animals, the Michigan gray and black squirrels.  Fascinating to watch, great little scavengers, plus they leave me random gifts – such as the sausage on the windowsill I wrote about last week (Lunch? Posted 12/9/13) 
Now, not to be outdone – we also have the cutest of critters that inhabit the neighborhood, the bunny – although I don’t know where his bunny poof tail print is, too cold to touch down maybe?  Not sure what the bunnies do, except give me hope that not all city animals are rodents or smelly strays and they do bring a smile to your face.

Ah yes, then there is the most helpful of prints in the snow – the husbands, on his way to shovel perhaps?  A great gift indeed.
And finally, finally the print we are fascinated most by, the big fat rat – that is too full to even lift his tail….. I don’t know, like I’ve said many times – if given the choice I’d take a rat over a mouse anytime – much less invasive.  I guess they give us a big dose of reality, not a bad gift to have.

Happy holiday season to all and may you be knee deep in snow on Christmas day or have your toes buried in the sand enjoying the tide.  Either way – it’s all good.  Santa will leave his footprints in either....right?

But gosh darn it, after Christmas – the snow can melt and the temperatures can rise above negative digits – immediately – ok?  One can dream – can’t they?  May is so far away….so very far…