Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Scruffy Church You Say?

Well yeah, it does seem a little scruffy around the edges – the late 1970’s wood is missing a sign that was obviously there for years, the street curb is quite unsightly and the lawn, well it is actually a bit scruffy.  But if you tidied the place up a bit, would you have to change the name to Neat Church?  Seems expensive to have to change the sign all the time, don’t you think?

Or do you think this is a church for dog’s?  Here Scruffy – we got a big treat for you – look, we named our church after you and for that – you have to play the baby Jesus in the Christmas Nativity Scene – it’s the least you can do to thank us.  No worries, well get a big sweet yellow lab to play Mary and good solid strong Rottweiler to play Joseph.  The rest of the cast and crew can be mutts, just like you Scruffy.  Doesn’t that sound great?

No?  Then is it a church for men with two day old razor stubble?  They certainly could be considered scruffy and if you work a Monday through Friday job, there is a good chance that by Sunday, many men will be sporting some kind of wicked stubble.  Therefore, there could be a reasonable sized congregation of men with Sunday stubble – not a very good premise, but indeed a possibility.

Not buyin it? Well there is Scruffy Scruffington from the TV Cartoon Futurama, this could be his fan Headquarters.  Not that a cartoon character needs a fan club, but then again look at Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty and all the Marvel comic book characters – who am I to say who should have a fan club or not?

Hmmm, well I’m all out of scruffs.  

Let’s just guess that this is the epitome of a “come as you are” church and instead of advertising this fact, they just named the church something that no one could miss.  You can miss advertising and you can want to go to church but realize you are in raggedy work clothes and might not feel welcome.    

BUT, if you passed this church sign and you were thinking, man it’s Sunday – I should be in church – well then you’re in luck, just pull in the lot – I’m sure everyone is welcome – but just to be safe, make sure you haven’t shaved that day and bring the dog….