Monday, November 10, 2014

But There is Plenty of Space, See?

Hubby and I took off for warmer climes the other day and someone decided we were not leaving without her.

She climbed in my carry on, tucked her head in and laid down.  Of course she must have been thinking, “If I can’t see them they can’t see me - all will be well”. 

Now of course this was not to be, but she is a dog and it is pretty clever – for her.  She may win an award for being one of the sweetest dogs in the world, but she will never be in the running for the smartest….

Anyway, back to Barnacle Rosie – the dog I cannot get out of the path of, because she is always firmly affixed to some part of my body – no matter how awkward.   I have to beg the husband to physically take her off me when he gets home from work because there is only so much Rosie one can take in a day - to which she then promptly attaches herself to him.  

The thought of us packing luggage and leaving for an extended period of time obviously sent her into overdrive on how to include herself in our plans.  Which of course, she was not a part. 

So Barnacle Rosie was extricated from the luggage, placed around my shoulders for the rest of the packing and then later had a ball without us - chasing squirrels and playing in leaves at the dog sitters house with another German breed.

Hubby was sure they reminisced about “The Old Country” the entire time we were gone and I would have to agree, wouldn't you?