Monday, December 1, 2014

Griffin Cat

Woo Hoo – we have a Griffin and you don’t!!!!  Or do you???

We came home from a road trip the other day to find a large Griffin perched atop our 6 foot fence.   I grabbed a camera and snapped a couple shots – then called to the husband to come and have a look.

Hubby, a noted cat lover, started to walk over to the Griffin and scared it away.  Don’t know for sure if it flew or just leaped…

Not five minutes later, it was back perched atop the fence again.  So I’m guessing it flew.  Really – it’s a six foot fence and those are crazy spiky wooden pickets.
Do  you think the super popular sci-fi movies of late have finally convinced a crazy professor to create some Griffins and then released them into Detroit to go with our now large populous of pheasants, foxes and coyotes?

I’m not sure what they eat, but this one spent the whole day here, so we must have had something tasty close by – Rats perhaps??  They are very close by….. probably within direct view of where she's sitting.

Oh, you aren’t quite sure what a Griffin is?  It’s a combination eagle/lion.  Here's a statue someone created of one for your comparisons.

See, I told you we had a Griffin!