Friday, December 5, 2014

A Little Good, A Little Bad - It All Equals Out

Whatcha need?  Anything you want, we got it right here.

You religious?  Yeah, well we got those foot tall candles in glass jars right inside here.  Who ya want on it?  Mary, Jesus, Infant of Prague?  Come right in, we got all kinds a styles.  Any kind you want.  All right here.

Bible, you need a bible?  You’re in luck, we got your Bibles, just pick your size.  Look, you can put it right by your lit Mary candles when you are not reading it – look, look how nice that is – two candles, one Bible in the middle, set it right on your side table, impress your neighbors and family.

What else you need?  You a better?  You know, make a little bet on the side here and there?  Of course you do.  Well – this is your lucky day ‘cause we got Tip Sheets, yes we do – any kind of bet you want – odds on Vegas detail right here.  

Just grab yourself a Tip Sheet, study it real good then head down to one of Detroit’s three Casinos and place your bet – they can help.  They do betting straight to Vegas on sports, horses, whatever is popular at the moment, they got betting on it – but your gonna need a Tip Sheet.   

Yeah, if you want odds on – pick up your Tip Sheet right here, and maybe, maybe you should take your Bible along too, you know, get the big guy on your side when you place that bet  – can’t hurt – eh??