Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy 2015!

Hello All,
I just want to thank you for reading and supporting my blog the last three years!  I know my posts have been sparse the last couple months; sometimes life just gets in the way of your hobbies.  

The blog isn’t going anywhere.  I promise to keep you smiling through 2015 – but I anticipate January and February to be just as crazy as the last couple months (the calendar say’s so already) – so my posts will be weekly for sure, twice weekly hopefully, but probably not three times a week until I blast through a few things on the home front.

That said – I hope your 2014 was a wonderful year and that your 2015 is even better.  Here’s to life changes, random improvements, lots of laughter and much happiness!

Happy New Year!!
Cheers – Me, Hubby and Miss Rosie

(2015 image borrowed from Chatelas website)