Friday, January 9, 2015

Number 9, Number 9, Number 9

Yesterday I checked the weather on my phone and it told me it was going to be 9 all day. 

Nine, just nine.  No hope of anything warmer, just 9’s – straight across… (That’s -12 for you Celsius folks).

But look, there is hope – tomorrow it’s supposed to be a normal (for January) 27 degrees (-2c).  

Ok great, I have a job interview tomorrow, I will be wearing a skirt and heels, no one wants to be “bare” legged when it is 9 degrees outside – no one.  Not really thrilled about 27 either, but it is January in Michigan.

Fast forward to today – getting ready for my interview, check phone for weather.
Liars, they are all liars – extremely well educated, well paid, meteorologist liars!

One, it is ONE degree (-17).  One, why bother even being anything.  It’s not like the one stands for first place and you are going to get a gold medal.  It’s a just a lonely little degree.  

And look, the only thing that says 20 degrees is the wind-chill factor and that isn’t a positive number folks, that is MINUS 20.  M i n u s  T w e n t y.  Stupid, that’s what -20 is (or -30 for you Celsius people – see I said it was stupid).

Oh, and it’s snowing – they also forgot to mention that, all they show are puffy white clouds, no cute little snow flake images, for - you know – SNOW!

Do you think if I show up in my fuzzy fleece getup I wear at home when its bone chilling cold out, they will understand that it is ONE degree outside and I didn’t feel like suiting up in heels, nylons and a skirt to trudge through the snow?  I mean, I’ve been to an interview where the manager was wearing torn leggings as pants, casual Friday taken to the extreme, and had to treat her as a professional.   And yes, that place offered me a job – I didn’t take it. 

Guess I have my answer - now where are those nylons?  It’s been years since I’ve put a pair on and can I tie empty bread bags around my heels to keep the snow out??