Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ha, I Laugh at Dry Skin!

My free sample has arrived, and arrived and arrived and arrived….and arrived!!

Holy smokes, I opened my mailbox the other day and I thought the mail carrier was being lazy and just shoved a bunch of the same pieces of junk mail in my box so they did not have to carry them around anymore.  You know, our fantastic mail carrier that comes four times a week instead of six, so yeah, lazy was the first thing to come to mind.

I popped open the mail box and all I saw was blue, a giant stack of blue.  Man, what is all this?  A bunch of stuff for “Current Occupant” I bet.  

But noooooo, it was a bunch of stuff addressed directly to me.  All 21 pieces have my name on it. Yes, 21.

I would apologize to the mail carrier for my initial thoughts of laziness, but then again, I would like to get my mail daily, so an apology isn’t going to happen, because yes, they still are lazy.  And they are covered under one badass union – the Federal Government.  Guess we are lucky to get any mail at all when you think about it (my neighbor too – she is also on the four day a week schedule).

Which means I have 21 samples of Nivea’s new lotion – wow!!!  That’s a lot of little blue packets floating around the house. 

Thanks Nivea – for your obvious printing glitch – sorry other 20 people that are not getting you free sample because of me.  But if you think you were supposed to get one and want one – just let me know, I have a couple extra I can share.