Monday, October 6, 2014

Dollar, Dollar - Who's Got A Dollar?

They say honesty is the best policy – I’d say that is probably true.

Can you read his sign?  It doesn’t say he’s hungry (although he could be), it doesn’t say he has to take care of a family (although he might need too), it doesn’t say he needs a coat (although he will very soon) – it says he needs a dollar for a beer. Yep - beer.

And you know, this request probably gets him more attention and many more dollars than just standing there with the standard cardboard sign asking for a little help.  

It also makes you laugh and probably while you are getting that chuckle, you flash the man a smile.   

How many smiles do you think he gets a day with any of the other standard fare signs?  My guess is very few, most people avoid eye contact at all – let alone give a quick smile.

So yeah – why lie?  The man would like a beer and perhaps a friendly smile – and really, is there anything wrong with that?